Lunchtime recitals

4 November 2017 @ 12:30
Lutherse Kerk
Haddingestraat 23
9711 KC Groningen
€ 10,-

Lunchtime Concert for organ and baroque violin
Organist: Reitze Smits
Violin: Mariëtte Holtrop

The organ and the violin are a special, and happy, couple. An added attraction in this recital is that the audience are invited to climb up to the organ gallery in the Lutheran Church, and watch and listen on seats placed around the new baroque organ, providing a close view of the instrument and the musicians. This intimate setting adds an extra touch to the recital, given by Reitze Smits and his wife Mariëtte Holtrop, both of them renowned musicians.

Note: the gallery is not accessible for disabled persons.The recital can be heard and enjoyed in the church itself!